CM Yogi held a review meeting regarding the development works of Chitrakoot Dham Mandal

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday held a meeting with public representatives at his official residence and reviewed the development works of Chitrakoot Dham Mandal and took feedback from the public representatives about the development projects and informed them about the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit to be held on February 10-12. Informed.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reviewed Chitrakootdham Mandal on Thursday in the ongoing series of investigation of development projects being conducted in the interest of the state with MPs and MLAs. In the special meeting, the Chief Minister took information from MPs and MLAs from Banda, Mahoba, Hamirpur and Chitrakoot districts one by one about the development plans of their areas and also gave necessary guidelines.

In the meeting, the people’s representatives also apprised about the regional aspirations regarding the new development works and also gave their proposals in this regard. Chief Minister Yogi also directed the Chief Minister’s Office to take immediate action on these proposals of MPs and MLAs. On this occasion, Chief Minister Yogi discussed with public representatives about the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit to be held on February 10-12.

Chief Minister Yogi said that under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh has set itself a target of becoming a $1 trillion economy. The whole of Uttar Pradesh is making united efforts to fulfill this resolution. The Global Investors Summit is an important step in this direction.

He said that before the summit, our action plan to invite investors from all over the world to invest in Uttar Pradesh has met with success. Road shows in 16 countries have paved the way for investment of more than Rs 7 lakh 12 thousand crore.

After the success of road shows abroad, now road shows are being organized in major metropolitan cities of the country to invite the industry. GIS-2023 is going to be historic. Extensive investment will create a large number of employment opportunities, which will directly benefit our youth.

There are immense possibilities of development in Banda, Mahoba, Hamirpur and Chitrakoot districts. Religious tourism is being encouraged here. World class infrastructure has been developed. Every district is full of immense opportunities for industrial development. There is sufficient land bank. People’s representatives should introduce their specialties to the country and the world.

In his address, he said that Chitrakoot, where Lord Ram had spent most of his exile period, is telling a new story of all-round development today. Today there is excellent road connectivity through the Bundelkhand Expressway. The airport is being developed. An important node of the Defense Corridor is in Chitrakoot itself. Pure drinking water is being made available from the tap in every house here.

Due to these efforts, positivity has spread in the entire Chitrakoot Dham Mandal today. In view of the convenience of the common people, work has been done on all the standards of Ease of Living in Chitrakoot.

Prepare a better action plan for organizing the District Investors Conference

Chief Minister Yogi said, prepare a better action plan for organizing the District Investors Conference. Legislators should take command under the leadership of the MP. Seek cooperation from District Administration, Industrial Infrastructure Department, Invest UP and Chief Minister’s Office.

Make dialogue-contact with entrepreneurs, businessmen, migrant people of your area. Inform them about the industrial policies and sectoral policies of the state government. Introduce the potential of your area and encourage investment.

He said that taking inspiration from foreign and domestic investor road shows, many districts organized investor conferences at the district level and received investment proposals worth thousands of crores.

Similar efforts should be made in Chitrakoot division as well. Fire stations are being established by the state government at all tehsil headquarters in a phased manner. There will be fire stations in every tehsil of Chitrakoot. Trained personnel will be stationed here.

Due to planned efforts in the last five and a half years, there has been transparency in mining related works in the state. Many innovative efforts have been made keeping in mind the convenience of all, whether it is a common man or a leaseholder or a transporter. A transparent process is being ensured for all the stakeholders involved in mining operations. Members of Parliament and MLAs should also cooperate in keeping the system smooth.

There should be no illegal mining or overloading activity anywhere. Lakhs of farmers of Hamirpur, Mahoba and Banda are getting direct benefits from the completion of the Arjun Sahayak project pending for years. Pure drinking water is also being made available. This project is going to bring a big change in the lives of the people of Bundelkhand.

publicize industrial policies

The MP-MLAs should widely publicize the new industrial policies of the state government. Discussion should be held among the youth in local universities, colleges, polytechnics and ITIs. People’s representatives should participate in these programmes.

People’s representatives should keep inspecting the development projects being conducted in the area. These schemes are helpful in building the image of the local public representatives. People’s representatives will have to contribute in ensuring quality and timeliness.

Make better use of technology. Today social media has emerged as the best medium of communication. All MPs and MLAs should use this platform. Public welfare schemes, industrial policies, employment-oriented programs of the central and state government should be expressed positively on the social media platform. This platform is very useful in making contact-dialogue with the public.

Non-toxic cow-based natural farming is being encouraged in all the districts of Bundelkhand. MPs and MLAs should try to connect the farmers with this big program by taking interest.

State government for destitute cattle protection Three schemes are going on at the level of destitute cow-shelter construction, participation scheme and providing cows to malnourished families. People’s representatives should take interest and publicize these schemes. Elite families should also be motivated towards cow rearing. Cooperation of every public representative is necessary in destitute cattle management.

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