China released Corona figures after worldwide criticism, WHO welcomed

Corona in China The infection has become uncontrollable. About 60 thousand people have died here in the last thirty days due to corona. This has been confirmed by China itself. On Saturday, China shared the Corona figures with the World Health Organization after much criticism. This move of China has been appreciated by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO director spoke to Minister Ma Xiaowei, director of the National Health Commission, and sought cooperation to prevent corona infection. WHO chief tweeted that spoke to Minister Ma Xiaowei about the situation of Kovid-19 in China. I appreciated the release of detailed information and we request to keep sharing such information.

China gave information about the deaths after a long time

Let me tell you, on December 7 last year, China had abolished its strict zero covid policy. At the same time, China had also stopped sharing information related to the spread and deaths of corona in the country, after which the World Health Organization had criticized China a lot. Then China has told

That 60,000 people have died in China in the last thirty days due to Corona. China’s National Health Commission revealed a total of 59,938 COVID-19 related deaths this year between December 8, 2022 and January 12, stating that the rise in cases is due to the relaxation of the COVID policy on December 7.

WHO is analyzing the data

In a statement posted on its website, The WHO said that Chinese authorities have provided WHO with information on a wide range of topics, including outpatient clinics, hospitalizations, patients requiring emergency treatment and critical care, and hospital deaths related to COVID-19 infection. We are analyzing this information and request that such detailed information be shared with them.

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