Chief Minister Yogi’s instructions, not a single cow dynasty will be destitute, everyone’s shelter and maintenance will be arranged

In a high-level meeting held on Monday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave necessary guidelines while reviewing the management of destitute cattle shelters and the latest status of milk production and collection in the state. He said that the state government is making continuous efforts for animal welfare and protection with a sense of service.

Many schemes are being run by the government for the encouragement of all cattle rearers including cattle. It should be ensured that the eligible people get its benefits.

Respecting public sentiments, necessary arrangements have been made by the state government for the protection of the destitute cattle and for their fodder straw. At present, more than 11 lakh 33 thousand bovines are protected in 6719 destitute cattle protection sites.

Under the special campaign conducted from January 20 to March 31, 1.23 lakh cattle were preserved. It should be ensured that no cow progeny should be destitute in all the rural and urban areas of the state.

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