Changes will be seen in SP’s state unit and frontal organizations, two rounds of exercise have been done, new names are also being considered

Samajwadi Party Many important changes will be seen in the state executive and frontal organizations. The number of members in the executive will also increase. Important responsibility will be given to the leaders who are constantly fighting for the policies of the party. There is also a preparation for change in the responsibility of the office bearers of the frontal organizations. There have been two rounds of exercise regarding this. Some new names are being considered.

Even though no significant change has been made in the national executive of the Samajwadi Party, but changes will be seen in the state executive. The impression of National General Secretary Shivpal Singh Yadav will also be seen in this. Some faces walking shoulder to shoulder with Shivpal have to get a place in the state executive. Discussions are underway on the relevant name. In the previous state executive, apart from the chief general secretary, two general secretaries were made.

This time five general secretaries are under consideration. Similarly, the post of secretary can also increase. Leaders coming after breaking ties with BSP will be accommodated in the party. In Ambedkar Vahini, those Dalit leaders will be entrusted with the responsibility, who can effectively keep their point among the Dalits. SP State President Naresh Uttam Patel says that the struggling leaders will be given important responsibility. The executive committee will be announced soon after the approval of the national president. There will be participation of people from every class and every region.

Attention to new faces in frontal organizations

Changes will especially be seen in the frontal organizations of the national and state. This time the responsibility will be assigned to the leaders of West, East, Central and Bundelkhand in different organisations. The responsibility of State President of Mahila Sabha has been given to Ribu Srivastava of Varanasi. In such a situation, the idea is going on to give the responsibility of any frontal organization to the leader of Basti, Deoria or Gorakhpur from Purvanchal.

Responsibilities of some of the national and state presidents of Yuvjan Sabha, Chhatra Sabha, Youth Brigade, Lohia Vahini will change. On some the party will bet again. Party sources say that in view of the Lok Sabha elections, young leaders who are experienced and continuously active in the party will be given the responsibility of frontal organizations so that they can connect old and new leaders during the elections.

In this, the caste mass base is also being taken care of. If a Brahmin leader from Kanpur region gets an important responsibility, then the Patel community from Bundelkhand will be bet on. The command of an organization in the frontal will be handed over to the Thakur fraternity so that the caste arithmetic remains correct. Similarly, Haji Iqbal Qadri has been made the National President of the Minority Assembly. In such a situation, there is bound to be a change in the post of State President this time.

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