Burhanpur: 63 accused arrested for attacking the police station, 4.85 lakh prize crooks included in the arrested attackers

Taking a major action in Nepanagar of Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, the police team on Tuesday caught 63 accused together, including crooks carrying a prize of Rs 4.85 lakh. The arrested accused were accused of attacking the Nepanagar police station in the district on April 7 and rescuing their comrades from there, as well as cutting down the forest by encroachment. After the action, such a large number of arrested accused were brought by the police team in a bus to Nepanagar police station, where Burhanpur SP Rahul Kumar Lodha disclosed about the accused. At present, the process of presenting the accused in the district court is going on, out of which action will be taken to send some of the accused to jail on Tuesday and the remaining accused today i.e. on Wednesday. At present, the police is busy interrogating the accused.

87 attackers arrested so far
Taking action against forest encroachers and those who attacked the police station, the Nepanagar police has succeeded in arresting a total of 63 accused in a single day on Tuesday. Let me tell you, since the attack on the police station, the police and administrative staff were in action mode and while taking major action against the attackers, a total of 24 accused had been arrested so far, after which 63 accused were arrested in the action taken on Tuesday. has been arrested. In this way, till now a total of 87 accused have been arrested and action has been taken.

4.85 lakh prize crook arrested
Burhanpur SP Rahul Kumar Lodha said that out of the arrested accused, criminals with a reward of Rs 4.85 lakh were also arrested. Phool Singh Sudla and his accomplice Rev Singh, the main accused of encroachment in Saikheda and Pankheda area, had a reward of 90-90 thousand among the arrested accused, while Hema was a scumbag with a reward of 95 thousand. Along with these, the police has also got success in arresting such big accused as accused Surya and Mannu, who are crooks with a prize of 50 thousand.

The encroachers had created terror
Forest encroachers had created terror in Burhanpur district for the last few months. Whenever the police and forest staff took any action on them, these encroachers were not afraid to attack the police and administrative staff with weapons. In the last few months alone, more than half a dozen encroachers have attacked police stations and forest range offices, from where they have rescued even their arrested comrades. In one such attack on Nepanagar police station on April 7, a total of more than 60 assailants attacked the police staff and rescued three of their comrades. It also involved Hema Meghwal, a bounty hunter of Sewal, who was later arrested. Since then, the police and administrative staff have been continuously taking major action against these encroachers, and in the past, a major action has also been taken to run bulldozers on the illegal encroachments of these encroachers and the houses built by encroachment.

cash seized along with sticks
According to Burhanpur SP, a total of 63 accused have been arrested and sent to jail. Jail warrants of the accused are being made, in which advance action will be taken by making warrants for some of the accused on Tuesday itself and for the remaining accused the next day. Lathi, Danda, Falia and Arrow Command have also been seized from the arrested accused. The SP told that accused Phool Singh used to get encroachments done by taking money. One lakh rupees cash has been seized from him. Along with this, after taking remand of Phool Singh, whatever goods or property acquired from the money taken in lieu of getting the encroachment done by him will also be confiscated after enquiry.

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