Bloody clashes between ELN rebels and FARC fighters for control of Colombia Arauca leave 11 dead

In northeastern Colombia, fighting between former members of the FARC guerrilla movement and National Liberation Army rebels continues to escalate. According to the information received from the army, at least 11 fighters have been killed in this conflict.

The fighting over control of the Puerto Rondon municipal area in Arauca province, near the border with Venezuela, began on Tuesday, the army said. A statement said troops had arrived in the area to restore law and order. Similar conflicts have occurred in Arauca before, in which hundreds of people have been killed or displaced.

According to the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, some 352 people were murdered in Arauca in 2022, many of whom were killed as a result of fighting between the ELN and the rebels. Let me tell you, President Gustavo Petro has been running for six decades. Have resolved to end this struggle. The group, founded by former paramilitary forces, has so far killed at least 450,000 people.

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