BJP’s new team announced in UP, four ministers present in the government separate from the organization

State The new team of BJP has been announced. State President of the party Bhupendra Singh Chowdhary has released the list of office bearers and regional presidents on Saturday. The regional and caste balance has been smoothed in Chaudhary’s new team. While 18 vice-presidents have been made in the 45-member team, seven people have been made general ministers and 16 people have been made ministers. In the new team of the state, many office bearers have been given the opportunity to work in the organization again.

The new team included Pankaj Singh, Vijay Bahadur Pathak, Kanta Kardam, Santosh Singh, Salil Vishnoi, Surendra Nagar, Satyapal Saini, Neelam Sonkar, Kamlavati Singh, Brij Bahadur, Sunita Dayal, Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Manvendra Singh, Padamsen Chowdhary, Mohit Beniwal, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Devesh Kumar Kori and Trimbak Tripathi have been made vice-presidents in the state organization.

Similarly, Govind Narayan Shukla, Amar Pal Maurya, Anoop Gupta, Priyanka Singh Rawat, Sanjay Rai, Subhash Yudvansh and Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan have been made general ministers. Apart from these, Shankar Giri, Dr. Chandramohan Singh, Meena Choubey, Anjula Singh Mahour, Vijay Shivhare, Shankar Lodhi, Shankutla Chauhan, Anamika Chowdhary, Poonam Bajaj, Archana Mishra, Amit Balmiki, Basant Tyagi, Shivbhushan Singh, Suresh Pasi, Abhijat Mishra and DP Bharti has been made the state minister.

At the same time, Manish Kapoor has been appointed as the treasurer for the second time in a row. While Sanjeev Aggarwal has been made co-treasurer and Bharat Dixit in-charge of the office. Omprakash Srivastava has been given the responsibility of in-charge of the cell and department.

Six regional presidents were also appointed
Apart from the office bearers in the state organization, the names of six regional presidents have also been announced by the state president. Among them, Kamlesh Mishra has been appointed as the regional president of Awadh region, Dilip Patel of Kashi region and Shahjanand Rai of Gorakhpur region. At the same time, Prakash Pal has been appointed as Kanpur-Bundelkhand, Druvvijay Singh Shakya as Braj and Satendra Sisodia as regional for West region.

Four ministers present in the government have been separated from the organization. The caste equation has been emphasized in the BJP’s organization list. Three of the six regional presidents come from OBCs.

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