BJP is relying on Shivraj’s social engineering this time, Congress is also not far behind

Madhya Pradesh Even though there is a delay in the assembly elections in 2016, both the major parties have started working on their respective strategies. Shivraj is engaged in strengthening social engineering. The party is also leaving no stone unturned in this.

Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will be held in November-December. In 2018 too, the election dates were announced in the first week of October. Then Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had to face opposition due to a statement in favor of backward castes. The party that emerged from the movement of forward class employees had also created an atmosphere against BJP and Shivraj.

This time neither those opponents are visible nor any anger is visible in the leaders. With the help of his social engineering, Shivraj is doing all that is necessary to help all sections.

In the budget, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has won over a large section of voters by bringing the Ladli Bahna Yojana for women. Youth Panchayat was organized and youth policy was declared in it. In that too, the government has announced to give eight thousand rupees to the youth during training through the Chief Minister Skill Earning Scheme.

To help the tribal class, the rules of PESA have been implemented in 89 blocks. Not only this, separate entrepreneurship schemes have been started for tribal youth. The tribal vote bank has a direct influence on 80 seats and programs ranging from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to President Draupadi Murmu have been organized in Madhya Pradesh to keep this class with them.

Along with women, youth and tribals, Shivraj’s focus is also on vote banks with different pockets. That’s why, in the program of Sakal Teli Sahu Rathore Samaj General Organization, announced the formation of Tel Ghani Board and giving the status of Minister of State to a representative.

Senior journalist Prabhu Patariya of the capital says that the BJP got a big victory in Uttar Pradesh by bringing small sections in its fold. In Madhya Pradesh also, the party is working on the same strategy. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is formulating government schemes and programs to satisfy different caste groups of OBC and general category along with measures to increase their acceptability among tribal, scheduled caste. BJP is also continuously increasing its penetration in these sections. The recent return of Pritam Lodhi to the BJP is also an indication of the same thing. At the same time, the Congress is also trying to bring the angry leaders of the BJP into its fold.

BJP reached among the public through Vikas Yatras
Even if the program of Vikas Yatra is official, BJP will definitely get its benefit. Efforts have been made to take the government schemes to the grassroots level and identify the beneficiaries through this. List is ready. On the basis of this, BJP will give final shape to its Panna committees. The digital format of Panna Pramukhs and Panna Committees is the only weapon of the BJP, on the basis of which the party has achieved success beyond expectation in Gujarat.

Congress is also making strategy to surround BJP
Madhya Pradesh Congress is also trying to surround the BJP with its own strategy in the elections. From Kamal Nath to other leaders of the party, soft Hindutva is being promoted. The Chintan Shivir held in Rajasthan and the analysis done by the committee headed by senior party leader AK Antony also emphasized that the party should shun the anti-Hindu image. Along with this, we have to emerge as well wishers of all classes. The whole game is of perceptions and negligence will not be tolerated in this.

For this reason, the party presented Kamal Nath as a devotee of Hanuman. Pictures of Kamal Nath performing Kanya Pujan and Havan came during Navratri. Not only this, Kamal Nath is saying that he will give Rs 1,500 instead of Rs 1,000 for the BJP’s Ladli Bahna Yojana. That is, there is no opposition to the scheme, but the Congress is talking about taking it forward. Similarly, the announcement of giving gas cylinders for Rs 500 is also important. The employees have been made simple by announcing the implementation of the old pension scheme. Before the date of elections, the Congress is trying to educate as many people as possible on the issues of unemployment and price rise by terming BJP’s policies as anti-people.

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