Bilaspur: Controversy over hoisting the flag in the school, leaders clashed, abusing fiercely

Bilaspur : Controversy over hoisting the flag in the school, leaders clashed with each other, abusing fiercely, There was a dispute in the school over the flag hoisting at Nawagaon Mohda School, former secondary school of Ratanpur, Bilaspur. During this, there was a lot of abuse in front of the children.

In Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur, there was a dispute in the school regarding the flag hoisting on the Republic Day. The leaders clashed with each other. There was a scuffle with controversy and abusing. The video of the dispute in front of the children in the school has come to the fore.

This is the case of Nawagaon Mohda, former secondary school of Ratanpur. There was a dispute between the zone in-charge Santosh Sahu and Mahavir Sahu, district president of backward class cell.

In fact, during the Republic Day celebrations organized in the school, the zone in-charge Santosh Sahu and the District President of Backward Classes Cell Mahavir Sahu crowded together and the dispute escalated to abusing and scuffle, these leaders have no shame. I saw school children standing in front of him, in the race to hoist the flag, the leader forgot his values.

People’s representative on the national festival Republic Day This kind of act on Republic Day is highly condemnable. Please tell that Mahavir Sahu is also the chairman of the development committee, who was advocating for the flag to be hoisted by the sarpanch, but Santosh Sahu himself wanted to hoist the flag.

The situation became such that the announcer out of fear Mike handed over to the principal while refusing to announce Diya who unfurled the flag by the school children instead of the guests while taking out the middle way. Somehow the program was settled, but what will be the effect on the children due to such a cheap act regarding hoisting the flag, it is a matter to think about.

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