Bhopal student asked the Prime Minister a question: PM Modi told the story of old days

Bhopal: Prime Minister PM Narendra Modi today interacted with students from across the country at the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ program at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In this program which lasted for two hours, Modi answered the questions of the children regarding exams and stress in life. A student asked the PM ‘how to deal with family’s disappointment in exams’, he also gave tips to the students in this regard.

Ritika Godke of Bhopal also participated in this program held in Delhi. She is a class 12 student and studies in Government Subhash Secondary School School of Excellence. He asked the Prime Minister – how can we learn more and more languages? The Prime Minister answered Ritika’s question in great detail, during which he also narrated an anecdote from his old days.

The Prime Minister replied

Hearing Hindi from a foreigner, the ears become alert…

Prime Minister Modi said- India is a country full of diversities. We can proudly say that we have hundreds of languages. There are thousands of dialects. This is our prosperity. We should be proud of this prosperity of ours. If a foreigner meets us and comes to know that you are from India, if he is even a little familiar with India, he will say hello to you. Your ears perk up as soon as he says this. One starts feeling familiar that a foreigner speaks Hindi. Communication is a great force. This is a contribution.

The squeeze of language experiences, should be learned without burden…

What does it take to learn one or two languages ​​of the neighboring state by applying your mind. Must try. When we learn a language, it does not mean just learning a few spoken sentences. When the expression of each and every language starts, there is an uninterrupted, unbroken, unchanging stream of thousands of years behind it. There is a stream of experience. There is a stream of ups and downs. In the face of difficulties, there is an emerging stream. Only then does a language take the form of expression. When we know a language, then the door opens for you to enter that thousand years old world. That’s why we should learn another language without any burden.

Tamil is the oldest language in the world.

Somewhere in our country there is a good stone monument, if someone tells us that it is 2000 years old, then we feel proud or not. Anyone would be proud. Then the thought does not come in which corner it is. Tell me, the country which has the oldest language of the world, should that country be proud or not. We should proudly tell the world that we have the oldest language in the world. Our Tamil language is the oldest language in the world. This country has such a great trust and pride. Last time when I had a speech at the UN, I deliberately used some Tamil words because I wanted to tell the world that I am proud to have the oldest language in the world from my country.

You will enjoy learning the language of other states…

We should know how to be proud. Now see, a person from North India eats dosa with great ease. Sambhar is also eaten with great pleasure. Then he cannot see anything north or south. If you go to the south, then paratha-vegetables are also available there, puris are also available. People eat it with great gusto. There is no tension-blockage. Everyone should try that apart from the mother tongue, the language of the other state, some sentences should come. You will see, you will enjoy, when you meet a person from another state and speak even two sentences in his language, he will feel familiar.

It was many years back. When I was engaged in social work. There was a laborer family in Ahmedabad. Sometimes I used to go to his place for food. There a girl used to speak many languages. Because, it was a laborers’ colony. Was cosmopolitan. His mother was from Kerala and father from Bengal. Being cosmopolitan, Hindi used to be used there. A family next door was Marathi. Was Gujarati in school. I was surprised that 7-8 year old girl spoke fluent Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and Hindi. If there are five people sitting in the house, if you want to talk to him, you will do it in Malayalam, if you want to talk to him, you will do it in Hindi, if you want to talk to him, he will do it in Bengali…. His talent was blossoming. That is why, I urge you that we should be proud of our heritage. There should be pride in every language.

Other big things of Modi’s speech

Learn as many languages ​​as possible: Communication is a great power. Just like we think of learning piano or tabla, similarly we should learn a language of a neighboring state.

  • Focus on the ability to avoid stress: The Prime Minister said that if we focus on our potential, there would be no tension.
  • Don’t be a slave to gadgets: First of all, you have to decide whether you are smart or gadgets are smart. Sometimes it seems that you consider gadgets smarter than you. Believe me, God has given you many powers. Gadgets should only be used to move forward.
  • Stay focused on your goal: The people of the opposition in the Parliament know psychology, so they deliberately create such a thing that we leave our subject and start answering it. We just need to focus on our goal. Criticism is a difficult task. In such a situation, people take shortcuts and make allegations. There is a lot of difference between the two. We should not pay attention to the allegations, but consider criticism as necessary for us.
  • Advised teachers: The Prime Minister told the teachers that when a student asks a question, he does not want to test you, it is his curiosity. Do not interrupt any curious child. Even if the answer does not come, encourage him that your question is very good. I will give you the answer to this tomorrow and in the meanwhile I will find out the answer myself.

CBSE 10th-12th board exams will start from February 15

This year CBSE’s 10th and 12th board exams will start from February 15. The last paper of class 10th will be on 21st March and the last paper of class 12th will be on 5th April., This time more than 34 lakh students have registered for the 10th and 12th board exams. In December, CBSE released the datesheet for the 10th and 12th board exams. 

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