Atiq Ahmed: Hearing the news of the encounter of son Asad, Atiq cried in the courtroom, Ashraf handled it; Slogans of Yogi Zindabad raised

Asad, son of mafia Atiq Ahmed, who was absconding in the Umesh Pal murder case, was killed in an STF encounter with his fellow slave. On Thursday afternoon, under the leadership of STF Deputy SP Narendra Kumar and DSP Vimal Kumar, STF was informed about Asad passing through Jhansi.

The STF team surrounded him near Pariksha Power. Asad fired from his foreign rifle as soon as the STF surrounded him. STF also fired in response. Asar was killed on the spot due to STF firing. In a short while, his fellow slave was also killed by the STF. According to STF Deputy SP Narendra Kumar, foreign guns have been recovered from him.

Mafia Atiq Ahmed started crying bitterly in the courtroom on hearing the news of the encounter of son Asad. Atiq is unable to control himself. Ateeq sat on the ground. Slogans of Yogi Adityanath Zindabad were raised in the court. During this, Ashraf present in the court handled Atiq.

‘We will die only by mixing each and every mafia in the soil’
State Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya has given a statement on the encounter. He said that we will not compromise at all on the issue of law and order. We will die only by mixing each and every mafia in the soil. He said that such a result of a criminal shows that parents should take care that they will not make their children criminals and if they had not made them criminals, Atiq’s son would not have had such a result.

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