Atiq Ahmed brought to Naini jail, will be presented in court tomorrow at 11 am

The police have taken the mafia Atiq Ahmed, named in the Mesh Pal murder case, from Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj’s Naini Jail. Atiq Ahmed will be presented in Prayagraj court tomorrow at 11:00 am. The court issued an order saying that on March 28, at 11:00 am, Atiq Ahmed should be presented in the court.

Farhan was also brought to Naini jail
The police have also taken the third accused Farhan from Chitrakoot Jail to Naini Jail.

Ashraf was brought to Naini jail after Atiq
Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf has been brought to Naini jail. Asraf has been brought to Naini jail from Bareilly jail.

Atiq will not appear through video conferencing
Atiq Ahmed will be presented in Prayagraj court. The court issued an order saying that on March 28, at 11:00 am, Atiq Ahmed should be presented in the court. MP MLA Court Judge Dinesh Chandra Shukla has issued the instructions.

Mafia Atiq reached Naini jail
Mafia Atiq Ahmed’s convoy reached Naini jail. UP police had taken them from Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat yesterday. Gangster Atiq will be questioned in Umesh Pal murder case.

Mafia Atiq will reach Naini jail in a while
Mafia Atiq Ahmed’s convoy will reach Naini jail shortly.

Ateeq’s convoy reached Prayagraj
Police has reached Prayagraj regarding Mafia Atiq Ahmed. It may take about an hour to reach the jail.

Prayagraj police filed application in CJM court
According to media reports, Prayagraj police has filed an application in the CJM court for inquiry in the Umesh Pal murder case. There will be a hearing in the court shortly.

Chitrakoot police also accompanied the convoy for 65 kilometers
The convoy has now left for Prayagraj via Chitrakoot city. Chitrakoot police will accompany this convoy for about 65 kms.

Mafia convoy stopped for 10 minutes in Chitrakoot
Due to the closure of the railway crossing near the police line in Chitrakoot, the convoy of Mafia Atiq Ahmed stood for about 10 minutes. During this, an attempt was made to talk to Atiq Ahmed amidst tight security but he did not say anything. Twice he came to the gate of his captive vehicle but was turned back by the security personnel present in it. Ateeq Ahmed is kept under tight security amid around 20 vehicles.

Our government will get the order of the court obeyed – Bhupendra Chowdhary
Uttar Pradesh BJP President Bhupendra Chaudhary said that CM Yogi has done the work of ending the mafia system. Regarding Atiq Ahmed, it is the duty of our government that whatever the order of the court, our government will get it implemented.

I will appeal to the government to end their existence – Umesh Pal’s wife
In Prayagraj, Umesh Pal’s wife Jaya Pal said that she wants the court to give death sentence to Atiq Ahmed. I would appeal to the government that their existence should be ended, otherwise their next target could be anyone, maybe I am.

Umesh Pal’s mother should do the same as my son was killed
Umesh Pal’s mother Shanti Devi said that whatever will be the decision of the court, we will accept it. This (Atiq Ahmed) has been doing all the programs sitting from the jail. If it dies then I will be satisfied. As my son was murdered, so should it be.

Police entered Lucknow regarding Ashraf
Police has entered Lucknow regarding Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf. Police is taking Ashraf from Bareilly Jail to Prayagraj. Where the police will present them before the court.

Atiq Ahmed will take three hours to reach Prayagraj
It will take three more hours for Mafia Atiq Ahamed to reach Prayagraj. The police convoy has reached the Banda border. The convoy carrying Atiq is about to reach Chitrakoot.

Atik being taken from Bundelkhand Expressway
Mafia Atiq Ahmed is being taken from Gujarat to Prayagraj. The police convoy carrying Atiq has left Jalaun. The mafia has left the Bundelkhand Expressway. Atiq, who came out amidst heavy security, is being taken. Atik gets scared when the car brakes.

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