Atik’s son Ali wrote a letter: BJP and SP are equally responsible for his father’s death, don’t vote for both, expressed this fear

A letter from Ali, son of Mafia Atiq Ahmed, became increasingly viral on Friday. In which he held Yogi Adityanath and SP President Akhilesh Yadav responsible for the murder of his brother Asad and father Atiq Ahmed and uncle Ashraf who were killed in the encounter. Ali is currently lodged in Naini jail. Along with this, through the letter, people have also been asked not to vote for SP and BJP in the municipal elections.

The letter states that ‘I am the son of Ali Ahmed Ateeq Ahmed, you have seen how my father (Ateeq Ahmed), uncle Ashraf and brother Asad were killed and now efforts are being made to kill me as well. The police is now looking for my mother Shaista for her encounter. You people support me and I request you to pay attention to these things of mine.

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