Atik had told the henchman that you will inform on Umesh, otherwise he will get you killed along with him.

Mafia Ateeq Ahmed After beating up his own henchman Zaid in Deoria Jail, he had threatened that the day he will get Umesh Pal killed, this will go on national TV for 15 days. You will inform on Umesh. If you don’t, they will get you killed along with them.

When Zaid lodged an FIR against Atiq a few days after he was thrashed in Deoria jail, he also mentioned Umesh Pal. That part of the FIR is now going viral. It is believed that Atiq was plotting to kill Umesh since 2019.

Zaid, son-in-law of Abid Pradhan, who was once very special to Atiq, started playing in crores in a few years under the patronage of Atiq Ahmed. Zaid interfered everywhere in the purchase and sale of lands in Dhumanganj, Mariadih, Asrauli, Bamhrauli along with the areas around the airport.

Along with plotting, he also started collecting goonda tax. Bamhrauli got stuck between Zaid and someone close to Atiq over a land. Atiq told his people to give up his claim on the land of Vishnapur to Zaid, but Zaid did not agree.

Zaid was beaten to death by Atiq and his henchmen in Deoria Jail

On 22 November 2018, Zaid was going somewhere in a car along with his cousin Uvaish Ahmed and friend Abhishek Pandey. All three were dropped from the car from Dhumanganj area and made to sit in another vehicle. All three were abducted and taken to Deoria Jail. There Atiq and his henchmen beat Zaid to half-dead.

You will also inform Umesh – Atiq

Uvaish and Abhishek were also severely beaten up. This is where Atiq threatened Zaid to leave the land, register the one whom I ask. He also said that the day I get Umesh Pal killed, it will run on National TV for 15 days. You will also inform about Umesh. If you don’t, I will get you killed along with that.

After this all three quietly went to Prayagraj. Did not tell anything to anyone. Atiq then kidnapped Lucknow businessman Mohit Jaiswal and beat him up in Deoria Jail.

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