Another attempt by Vijay to set foot in Hindi heartland, ‘Srivalli’ will teach family values

Tamil and Telugu cinema have long had a tradition of adding some adjective before the names of stars. Rajinikanth is called there as Thalaiva Rajinikanth and Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar as Dalapati Vijay. There is no such word as Thalapati in Sanskrit, neither in Tamil nor in Hindi, the correct word is Dalapati.

Due to the way Tamil is written in English, Thalapathy is added to Vijay’s name in the Hindi strip, while he writes his name as Vijay. After this general knowledge of cinema, it is the turn of the name of the film. ‘Vaarisu’ in Tamil would mean in Hindi, heir. This word also strikes the real thread of the film’s story.

Knowledge gives freedom. And, maya bondage. There is no bigger bond than who will inherit the property earned through Sama, Daam, Dand and Bheda. ‘Varisu’, which was released in Tamil on January 11, has now been dubbed and released in Hindi on Friday.

The story of ‘Varisu’ is of Rajendran, a big businessman of India. His two sons Jai and Ajay manage his business. The third son Vijay separates from his father and starts another business. When Rajendran learns that he is suffering from cancer

, So he thinks who should be made the heir, because the two eldest sons are not capable enough to handle the business and the third son has left the house. Rajendran believes that the reins of the business should be handed over to a son who will take it further. Matters start to deteriorate and Vijay is called. Ladla returns on mother’s birthday.

He helps the father in reuniting the family. New colors of relationships emerge. There are also some lessons in this film and they are that whether it is the fault of the big or the small, if there is a mistake then it is great to accept it.

South’s superstar Vijay has his own acting pattern. He dances well. His comic timing is amazing. It also stars Rashmika ‘Srivalli’ Mandanna. Whatever is happening to her in Hindi cinema, but she has blossomed a lot in South cinema.

She had the responsibility of increasing the glamor of the film, which she fulfilled. Had to dance to the songs. Took dance too. And, something special doesn’t even happen for the heroine in Vijay’s films. Prakash Raj has his own attitude. When they become villains, then only their luster shines. Jai Sudha and R Sarath Kumar as parents and Srikanth and Sham as brothers have done a good job of making the audience emotional.

A quarter to three hour film ‘Warisu’ is a complete family entertainer, just in Hindi the special threat of its hero Vijay has not been made yet. His previous films ‘Master’ and ‘Beast’ also did not get much love in the Hindi belt. Director Vamshi Paidipally is a veteran director from South.

Radiance, Allu has made blockbuster films with Arjun and Mahesh Babu. This time it’s a family affair. The film ‘Warisu’ is somewhat like Rajshree’s films. There is a need for hard work on the Hindi dialogues of the film. Its Hindi adaptation is also not the same as it has been in South’s hit films.

The song music also fails to impress due to being dubbed in Hindi. The film is creating a lot of hue and cry in Tamil. There will be an uproar in Hindi, it is not felt after watching the film.

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