Anand Mohan Singh: Bahubali Anand Mohan released, were the remaining 26 released because of him; What will happen with PIL… Know every answer

In 1994, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and the then District Magistrate (DM) of Gopalganj G. Bahubali former MP Anand Mohan Singh, convicted of mob lynching of Krishnaiah, was finally released from jail today. He was released from Saharsa Jail at 6:15 am on Thursday. According to the jail administration, the paperwork was completed by Wednesday night. Seeing the crowd of supporters and law and order, Anand Mohan was released early in the morning. Politically, it is the release of a Rajput leader. Uma Devi, wife of late IAS Krishnaiah, has expressed grief over this release. A day before the release, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed against it in the Patna High Court. Along with all these, politics in Bihar is at its peak even on the fact that on the pretext of Anand Mohan, the government has issued a notification to release more ’26 unfortunates’ of the ‘ruling caste’. What is reality, what is not? What is happening and what will happen? It is important to know.

Who-how-how-much is the benefit of Anand Mohan?
Actually, Anand Mohan, who established the entire system of Kshatriya politics by establishing the Bihar People’s Party at one time, is still considered effective among the Rajputs in the politics of Bihar. How effective he is left will be known in the 2024-25 Lok Sabha-Assembly elections. With whom he lives, it will also depend to a large extent. Apart from this, it is also a big thing that this Bihar between 1994 and 2005 has not survived. There is a vast difference between the mood of the youth then and now. How far Anand Mohan will be able to swing the votes of Rajputs in the politically fertile Bihar, it is just a matter of time.

The rest of the accused belonging to the government caste are being released?
Notification was issued to leave a total of 27 with Anand Mohan. One of them has already died. The process of releasing the remaining 26 began and many were released before Anand Mohan. Some have not been released yet due to technical reasons or their release may take time. As far as caste equation is concerned, out of these 27 being released, 8 are Yadav, 5 Muslim, 4 Rajput, 3 Bhumihar, 2 Koeri, one Kurmi, one Gangota and one Nonia caste. In the midst of the process of caste census, the discussion of their castes is also hot, yet despite a lot of effort, the caste of 2 of those released from jail could not be ascertained. It is better if you yourself understand the math of their numbers according to the ruling caste.

Will he be exempted from the changed rule for Anand Mohan?
No. The government has changed a rule to make Anand Mohan jail-free. There was no provision for exemption of release before full sentence for those who killed a government servant. The government made a provision for this exemption for the criminals involved in the murder of a government servant like the rest of the convicts. Anand Mohan is being left out due to the change in this rule. The remaining 25 criminals who were released this time did not have a case of murder of a government servant. Therefore, the allegation that he got the benefit of the changed rules for Anand Mohan is absolutely baseless. Actually, criminals get some relief at the end of the sentence due to behavior or other special reasons. Such releases keep happening on different occasions. The release of the rest 25 is in the same way.
Know what Anand Mohan said on his release

What can be the effect of PIL?
Social activist Amar Jyoti filed a PIL on Wednesday in the Patna High Court through advocate Alka Verma. Demanding cancellation of the notification giving provision of exemption in punishment for the murder of a public servant posted on duty, it has been written that “due to such exemption, the morale of the criminals will increase. The criminal will not hesitate to kill a government servant on duty like a common man. In fact, had this PIL been filed before this order and the hearing would have taken place, there could have been a possibility of postponing the order, but after the issuance of the notification, the government would be weakened on this in the High Court – such a possibility is generally not visible.

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