Amul increased the price of milk, now it will be costlier by Rs 3 per liter

Amul: Gujarat Dairy Co-operative Amul has announced to increase the price of milk.

Gujarat Dairy Co-operative  Amul increased has announced to increase the price of milk. An increase of up to Rs 3 per liter has been announced in the price of milk. The new prices have come into force with immediate effect.

According to the statement, after this revision, Amul Gold will be priced at Rs 66 per litre, Amul Fresh at Rs 54 per litre, Amul Cow milk at Rs 56 per liter and Amul A2 Buffalo milk at Rs 70 per litre.

 had increased prices by Rs 2 per liter in October last year. It was said that this in prices is being done due to increase in the overall cost of operation and production of milk.

In the cost of animal feed only compared to the previous year increased by Amul increased about 20 percent, Keeping in view the increase in input cost, our member associations have increased the prices of farmers by 8-9 per cent as compared to last year. At the same time, in December, Mother Dairy had increased the prices of milk in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) by Rs 2 per litre.

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