Akanksha Dubey Suicide: Either you come or we get lost, Akanksha had posted this status before death

Bhojpuri Actress Akanksha Dubey had made the reel of poetry page of poets as her story status on her Instagram account before her death. The line of this status story was that… I will follow your path, whether the world starts coming, either you come or we get stuck. Late Saturday night before death, Akanksha also went live on Instagram and was crying.

Fans had also asked questions about his crying. A fan had made a video clip of the crying. This clip is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Akanksha was originally a resident of Bardahan village in Chauri Bazar area of ​​Bhadohi. His maternal grandfather is in Vindhyachal of Mirzapur. People associated with Bhojpuri film industry say that Akanksha was close to a Bhojpuri singer.

According to the police, Akanksha was in a live-in relationship with a Bhojpuri singer in Taktakpur area of ​​Varanasi. She was saddened by the misbehavior of the singer. Due to this, she was also depressed. The singer was not found at his home when the police went.
Neighbors of the singer told that he did not show up here at his house. The police is looking for the singer for questioning. However, the misbehavior of the singer had no effect on Akanksha’s work. She was continuously active in the field of Bhojpuri films and music albums.

The video post on Tik-Tok created a buzz
Akanksha attracted the attention of the people by posting a video on the banned social media platform Tik-Tok in the country. The number of fans also increased rapidly, so Akanksha turned to the Bhojpuri film industry at the age of 17. He played lead roles in Bhojpuri music albums as well as films and registered his strong presence. At present, he had 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Akanksha looked happy in the video
On Saturday evening, Akanksha posted another video on her Instagram account. In this, she was seen dancing on Bhojpuri songs. Those who know Akanksha closely say that she was courageous. Was happy in the evening, then suddenly what happened that the dead body was found hanging late at night.

He had made a different place on the basis of his acting and talent. She could not commit suicide. The entire episode should be investigated with seriousness and the truth related to Akanksha’s death should come out.

Tikri’s youth came in custody to drop the hotel, interrogation continues
Akanksha got out of the cab around eight o’clock on Saturday night, saying that she was going to a party from a hotel in Sarnath area. Hotel general manager Ritesh Kumar Mehta told that when Akanksha came to the hotel, she was staggering. He was accompanied by a young man of about 25 years wearing a black shirt.

The young man stayed in Akanksha’s room for 17 minutes
The young man helped him and took him to the room. The young man stayed in Akanksha’s room for about 17 minutes, then came out and left. After the young man left, the light of Akanksha’s room came on. When the police searched, it was found that the youth is a resident of Tikri of Lanka police station area. In police interrogation, the youth told that he and Akanksha had known each other for a long time.

On Saturday night, Akanksha went to a private party in Mahmoorganj area. After the party, when Akanksha called him and asked him to drop her till the hotel, he went to Mahmoorganj. After this he dropped them at their hotel and left. When the young man went to the room with Akanksha, he could not give satisfactory answers to many other questions along with the question why the light was off. At present, the youth is in police custody and his interrogation is on.

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