Adulteration found in coal mine: game going on in connivance of mineral department and police, 4 arrested including employee

The game of adulteration is going on in Bilaspur and Mungeli districts in the coal coming out of the mines of Korba. Here, in the guise of coal depot, coal is being adulterated indiscriminately. The whole work is going on with the setting of the Mineral Department and the police. This is the reason why the police arrested four people including the depot operator after coming from Raipur.

Coal coming out of the mines of Gevra, Kusmunda of Korba is transported to the factories. Along with this, coal is also supplied to Kolwashery. A major part of this is the illegal business of consuming it illegally in coal depots, where black marketing of more than Rs 10 lakh goes on daily.

In fact, since Pali in Korba district, there are more than 30 coal depots including Beltara, Ratanpur, Bagdeva, Pendrava, Lokhandi, Sakri bypass in Raipur Road including Hirri and Sargaon, Baitalpur, Kirna in Mungeli district, where coal is dumped. is being mixed.

This is how illegal business runs

The license for coal depot is issued by the Department of Minerals. In terms of license, the coal depot operator has the right to store a specified quantity of coal and also has to keep daily accounts. But, the coal depot operators, through their managers and employees, in connivance with truck and trailer drivers carrying coal from the mines, drop high quality coal at their depots.

And in return, mix substandard and low quality coal and load it in trucks and send it away. For this, gravel ballast and coal sawdust have been stored in many depots.

Not only the truck driver but also the transporter is in collusion

Experts say that in this illegal business of adulteration of coal, the depot operators directly collude with the transporter. Usually, transporters take orders from any company or coal washery to transport coal. Coal is weighed on the way to the destination

Its quality is not checked daily. Due to which coal is adulterated and instead of good quality coal, adulterated coal is loaded in trucks and sent.

Police did not raid in four, Raipur police arrested four including depot operator

Earlier, a joint team of the Mineral Department and the police used to conduct raids to curb the illegal business of adulteration in coal. But, for the last four years, the police did not check any coal depot even once, nor did the officers of the Mineral Department come to check the stock.

This is the reason why the coal depot operators are fearlessly carrying out illegal business. Three days ago, the coal reached for API Steel at Siltara in Raipur was examined, then coal of poor quality was found in the lab test. On this, the supervisor of the plant questioned the truck drivers Vikas Singh and Virendra Singh,

Then he told that Sujit Singh of Bilaspur called the coal to the coal depot of Chhotu Bais located in Sargaon, where the good quality coal was emptied and another poor quality coal was loaded in the truck. The complaint of this entire matter was made to the Dharsiwan police.

After this, the police registered a case against truck owner Sujit Singh, coal depot operator Chhotu Bais, truck driver Vinod Kumar, Vikas Kumar and arrested them.

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